KING NEEDLES - Quality needles for popular applications.

King Needles from Altek Beissel Needles Limited, is a range of affordable, high-quality sewing machine needles for popular applications such as lock stitch, embroidery and basic home sewing. Manufactured under license from BMN Beissel Maschinennadel GmbH, Germany, King Needles have a sharp tip and smooth eye, and are available in DBX1, HAX1, and DBXK5 systems in the popular sizes of 14, 16, and 18. Customers no longer have to depend on just size 16/100 for all applications, which destroys aesthetic quality of the garment.

The smooth eye of King Needles prevents thread breakage, while the sharp tip helps easy penetration without damage to fabric and makes the perfect-size hole. The small ‘hump’ near the eye of the needle helps in bigger thread loop formation, thus avoiding skipped stitches. This is especially useful for faster, newer machines.

Using cheaper and inferior quality needles not only causes damage to expensive machine parts and sewn garments, but also puts undue pressure on the sewing machine thus reducing its life. Made with precision German technology, using quality materials, each King Needle passes over 155 quality checks before it reaches you!

Compare King Needles with cheap imports

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